I heard it, but my heart felt it

Everyone always mentions the microaggressions Those fetishes and strange obsessions But my first encounter wasn’t subtle See, the harsh consonants beat the air from my lungs The words hung heavy in my little 8-year-old mind As I was pushed aside at lunch And told ‘you can’t sit here…because you’re black’ And my little tabula rasa... Continue Reading →

I Am A Key Worker

We’ve been shouting to be heardsimply asking for rights, for respect,begging to be seen as human.I wanted to be noticed,fought to be noticed,protested to be noticed.But now, our society feels threatened,you look to me for purpose,you look to me to save this.You turn to me. Every Thursday, you clap for the NHS and key workers,cyclical,... Continue Reading →

Our Mother’s Hope

Mother Earth has been crying,heavy grey rain dropsand trying to tell us, her children,that she’s dying.She has been dying for years,crying out cold summers,warm winters and melting icecaps.Crying oiled oceans and plastic seas.She has been crying,and begging for her children to listen. And all at once, she stopped.She told us, she was nolonger crying out.... Continue Reading →

Ode To Meghan

They ask me, again, why I’m playing the race card, and I tell them I’m not playing – but yes – this is the race card; and now I’m laying all my cards, flat out blunt and openly on the table. Yes, this is the race card, because the media’s still separating the black suits... Continue Reading →


Zuckerberg grabbed our minds and programmed us. Plagued us, exploited our data, social media raped us. Weaponised our data, Jobbs forced screens into our hands, fed us fake ideals through our glands. And I know you understand, because likes and follows, are the most valuable currency in this land. Data worth more than oil, follows... Continue Reading →

Intersectional Feminism

Stop, don’t tell me that again, I don’t want to hear it. Don’t tell me your feminism is intersectional, when you use the doubled broken backs of black women to elevate yourself. Don’t tell me your feminism is intersectional, if the only time you support black women, and black girls is when you see our... Continue Reading →

It’s Happening Now: Pray for Sudan

It’s happening now: A massacre in Sudan. And I know it’s not being plastered all over your screens, Like the fire that took Notre-Dame. Not being reported by your trusted BBC and Sky News, who hung their heads in solidarity for France. But it’s happening now in Sudan: A massacre. So, why don’t you consider... Continue Reading →

Hear This

We will never be enough, being a woman will never be enough. Creator, life giver, carrier, and still, we will never be enough. Alabama, you’re so wrapped up in your pro-life sentiments, Northern Ireland is cheering you on at the sidelines, with Trump and your other right wing, right hand allies.  Pro-life but who’s life? ... Continue Reading →


A year ago: Sorry you feel uncomfortable Sorry I shattered your idyllic visions and Sorry I tarnished your childhood home and located it somewhere other than heavenly Sorry I transformed it and muddied your precious memories Sorry I brought it up   Today: No, I won’t apologise for your discomfort and no I won’t apologise... Continue Reading →


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