It’s Happening Now: Pray for Sudan

It’s happening now:

A massacre in Sudan.

And I know it’s not being plastered all over your screens,

Like the fire that took Notre-Dame.

Not being reported by your trusted BBC and Sky News,

who hung their heads in solidarity for France.

But it’s happening now in Sudan:

A massacre.

So, why don’t you consider it a massacre?

Because it’s happening now, but not happening here?

Why don’t you call it a massacre?

When you can see the innocent passengers,

scurrying around like scavengers,

forced to be travellers,

as their homes and families, bodies and lives,

are torn apart.

You can see the images, atrocities and statistics.

This is a massacre

and this should not happen here,

not amongst peaceful protest and children.

This is a massacre.

And havent you heard,

that the needs of the masses often outweigh the needs of the few.

Notre-Dame injured 3, but burnt a building,

not people.

Sudan, with only people as it’s victims, has a death toll of 500 and counting,

not counting the bodies flung mercilessly into the Nile,

The River Nile:

The River of Life for tourists,

but not for natives.

So when they say the needs of the masses outweigh the needs of the few,

And we have masses from this massacre and no bodies from burning architecture,

I ask you,

Why do these masses not matter?

Why now do these masses not outweigh the needs of the few?

Why not?

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