Our Mother’s Hope

Mother Earth has been crying,
heavy grey rain drops
and trying to tell us, her children,
that she’s dying.
She has been dying for years,
crying out cold summers,
warm winters and melting icecaps.
Crying oiled oceans and plastic seas.
She has been crying,
and begging for her children to listen.

And all at once, she stopped.
She told us, she was no
longer crying out. She was weary.
She sang six small specific words
and left them ringing through our
headspace, world space, this space.
She told us, ‘those who cannot hear,
must feel’.

And I think Mother Earth was just tired,
so tired of being the victim,
to artificial, man-made structures,
disguised as natural disasters,
which they say came from natural causes,
but our Mother Nature is still here, wondering,
calculating, what the underlying cause is.

Mother Earth was tired,
so tired, Earth Mother sent all her children back
to their rooms. She sent them to houses
which were not her own, spaces
that she’d never called home.
Whilst the virus swept like a natural disaster,
whilst those statistics kept rising faster,
society remained ignorant.
So, Mother Earth reclaimed her land,
and harnessed her energy.
Protecting her trees and her seas,
and pumped new life into the air.
Told us that we can’t catch flights,
but encouraged us to feel feelings,
forcing us to use isolation
as a time of revealing, lucid dreaming,
remembering what you once believed in.

And people stayed at home and reflected,
as they viewed the world from a distance.
Always wishing they could see the full frame,
always wishing they could venture out again.
Mother Earth saw the careless danger of beings,
and placed them behind windows,
only allowing them to consume the world
with their minds,
and not their bottomless bellies.

And how funny is that?
That they wanted to really ‘see’ the world
beyond the glass and window-panes.
But we post on social sites
valencia filtered edited images of places
we were told we must visit before we die
and spaces we were told we would find ourselves.

Society still wasn’t listening, so
Earth Mother had to teach some discipline.
Silence the virus for a minute,
do you see what you’re witnessing?
She interrupted the busyness,
and begged us to be humble,
told us never to take
her fresh air for granted.
She told us we might have ‘found’ ourselves,
but we never really knew ourselves.
We’d lost the love in this generation,
we’d lost the simplicity and unity.

Earth Mother taught us,
to pause. To go home.
And to never forget to breathe.
Let this empty silence heal our minds,
and slowly heal our world,
patchworking our planet.
Heal and remember the fundamentals.
Remember who you love, and what you love and why you love them. Remember what you believe in, remember what language you dream in.

Earth Mother told us
‘those who cannot hear, must feel’.
So, maybe once we’ve felt,
once we’ve remembered, once we’ve corrected,
and maybe once we’ve started to think differently,
once we’ve dreamed new dreams,
and felt new shifts,
maybe then all at once,
Mother Earth will heal entirely,
and maybe then,
all her children will too.

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