Love Yourself

Simone Yasmin Avatar

Love yourself girl.
Put yourself first every single time and don’t ever feel no way,
because there’s no way you can allow others to dull this bright energy and light.
You radiate galaxies and have planets plaited through your hair.
Are they threatened? Maybe.
And maybe they should be,
because too long you’ve been shrinking yourself,
making yourself feel small just so others can feel big.
Too long you’ve put up with less than what you deserve,
but no longer.
Do things for yourself girl.
Love yourself, treat yourself and buy your own flowers
and be the person you, yourself, desires.
Spiritual beings always attract broken people,
but it’s not your job to heal them.
When they tell you you’re too much,
do not ever divide and put yourself into fractions.
You are whole.
And you will always be too loud for someone who never intended on listening,
too sensitive for someone who never intended to care.
When they say you are too much,
maybe it is them who are not enough.
You are a force for change.
A powerful force with chakras aligned,
a free spirited heart divine.
Your best qualities are immortal
and maybe they’re mad because you’re not normal,
but girl, who wants to be?
Your presence is inescapable
and lingers for longer than they ever thought possible.
And I have to say it was magical,
watching your ethereal,
transiently beautiful mind blossom.
And you blossomed,
flourished like a field of rare and delicate,
but always deliberate wild roses.
Never meant to be plucked,
never meant to be touched.
But always to be admired,
and always desired.

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