Dear Trans People

Dear trans people,

Now I could never say that I feel it too,
or I understand,
but I have taken the time to listen to you,
and wanted to say,
that I hear you.

I hear how this body was nothing you ever became, but everything you were destined to be.

I hear that no matter how many times you make a point, those same notes always sound straighter, sweeter coming from a cis tongue.

I hear how you appease others with sorry’s and it’s okay’s, when they misuse your pronouns and dead name you,
and again.

Trans people, I hear you.

I hear how your very existence is resistance. That even when you’re tired, you still pick your head up and carry it high, just to defy and prove wrong all those who said you could never.

I hear you.

I hear your voice shake when it speaks with strength and I am not hear to speak over you, or to speak for you.

You have a voice and it is loud and it is clear. If only people stayed quiet for long enough to listen.

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