This Country

This country is a mockery,
hypocrisy at it’s finest.
Britain is ruled by bare-faced liars –

– Wait, I said that already.
But these things have not changed.

– Wait, you knew that already,
and yet you still voted the same.
Still happy to have us stuck in this same game.

How come Boris and his friends can admit to sniffing in their ends,
but for the rest of us it’s always a different story?
One rule for us and none for them.

See, it’s class-ic what they’re doing!
Happy to disrupt and destroy society because for them it’s a different reality.
And these people in power don’t care about us.
They call us snowflakes for caring about something other than us.
I think that really if we all just worked together we could rise up to be something bigger than us.

But that’s just my take on it.

So I’ll leave you to decide what you want to take away from it.

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