Simone Yasmin is a writer, spoken word artist and avid blogger. Literature – in all forms – is such a major part of her life and she writes for freedom. Through her words, Simone Yasmin hopes to give you a sense of the world through her eyes.

This blog is not themed. Instead, Simone Yasmin hopes to explore the things which the media overlooks and we, as functioning beings, unconsciously repress or ignore. She no longer wants to ignore.

Simone Yasmin runs ‘Storytellers’, a monthly event inviting creatives to an inclusive and safe space, to gain feedback, confidence and trial new ideas. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, Simone Yasmin has hosted ‘Storytellers’ online, rebranding the event ‘Lockdown Stories’ and reaching a worldwide audience. She co-facilitates ‘Gassing with the Galdem’, an online discussion space for Black women, women of colour and marginalised genders. Simone Yasmin is also a published poet, whose words were featured in Unicef’s poetry collection ‘Words By’ in 2019 and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts’ printed publication ‘S.P.A.M Spreads’ in 2020.

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.

Anne Lamott