After the baltic weather we’ve had recently, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media all saying the same thing. If you see a homeless person over this cold and snowy period, call this number or use this app, to alert shelter staff to their whereabouts, so that a roof can be put over... Continue Reading →

Big boys don’t cry

The margins between being a ‘man’ and being a ‘woman’ are blurred. Culturally, we’ve been force-fed the idea that women are supposed to be sensitive. We’re meant to show our pain, show our feelings, we’re meant to cry. Men are not. They’re supposed to be strong which is why phrases like ‘be a man’ and... Continue Reading →

Dear Club Liv’s bouncer…

In August I went out in Manchester with a group of friends. Knowing Club Liv’s’ strict policies, we’d made sure we were on the guest list beforehand. We knew they didn’t welcome large groups of guys, so we made sure we only had one male in our group of thirteen. Excitedly we joined the queue.... Continue Reading →


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